How Are Freight Rates Calculated & What You Can Do To Save Big

There are many different factors that play a part in the calculation of your freight shipping costs. The largest variables are determined by the:

  • Mode of Transportation (air, land, sea)
  • Weight/Packaging of Freight
  • Destination/ Distance from Pick-up

Other factors may also apply such as the type of goods being shipped, the time of year or demand for shipping in your area, applicable insurance, etc. Because different companies have different rates and service fees, it is best to consult your shipping company for the most accurate shipping costs.

With this in mind, we suggest you check out the following cost-saving tips to reduce your freight costs:

  • Provide the exact weight and dimensions of your freight shipment
  • Give your shipment a generous amount of time to pickup and deliver to destination
  • Package your shipment as densely as possible
  • Palletize your freight whenever possible
  • Have a forklift on site for loading or unloading
  • Prepare and submit your commercial invoices or bills of lading in advance of shipping
  • Work with a competent customs broker if shipping freight cross border

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