Answers to your FAQs on Transit Time

When it comes to shipping freight, one of the most important things to know is the transit time. Knowing the transit time can help you plan your shipments and make sure they arrive when you need them to. 

How do I know what the transit time is? 

First off, when we provide you with a quote for your shipment, we also provide an estimated transit time. This can be found in the notes of the quote that we send you.

Does the transit time start from the day the freight is picked up?

Keep in mind that transit time is in business days and does not include the day the freight is picked up.

What is it based on? How does transit time work?

Transit time is estimated based on how many hours or days the driver will take to get from origin to destination, taking into consideration the legal daily limits of how many hours they can drive. If your shipment is a partnered move, the transit time will be provided to us by our partner carrier based on their service length.

Is the transit time I receive accurate?

While we do our best to provide accurate transit times, shipments are not guaranteed to arrive within the transit time provided at the time of quoting. There are many factors that can impact the time it takes to get a shipment to its final delivery location, such as storms, fires, car accidents, driver emergencies, mechanical failures, and unexpected stops.

Do you offer guaranteed or expedited service?

If you need guaranteed or expedited service, we do offer these options upon request at the time of quoting. Once a shipment has been picked up, it can be difficult or even impossible to switch the type of service being provided. So, if you know ahead of time that you need your freight to arrive immediately, don't hesitate to ask for the extra service.

In summary, transit time is an important aspect of shipping that can impact your business. We strive to provide accurate estimates, but keep in mind that unexpected circumstances can cause delays. If you need guaranteed or expedited service, let us know at the time of quoting to ensure your shipment arrives on time.

What are the cut off times for linehaul trucks?

If you're wondering about the timing of your shipment pickup on a Friday, know that while we can pick up your shipment at any time, our line hauls get loaded around 3PM on Fridays. If your shipment is not picked up and on our dock by 3 o'clock, it may have to wait for the following departure date.

Do you offer weekend services?

We understand that many businesses operate on the weekends, and we have weekend services available. Speak with your shipping account manager to find out more specific details.

Can you deliver first thing in the morning?

As for delivery times, we strive to meet every customer's needs and demands. While we specialize in LTL and cannot guarantee 100% delivery dates due to unforeseen problems or circumstances, we will do everything in our power to make it happen. Please check with your account manager for transit times and provide as much notice as possible. With our commitment to customer satisfaction, we'll work with you to ensure your shipment arrives as close to your desired time as possible.