B.C. Floods Impact Supply Chain

BC Roads are slow going at best, continued pressure from weather systems is hampering western British Columbia's ability to move goods week after week.

The original route to Canada's Okanagan Hwy 3 is the only route connecting Canada to Vancouver. This route will add 4-8 hours of travel time over the previous routes, due to the increased distance and traffic. The closed routes will take months to repair as there is major infrastructure damage. In some cases, large sections of highways are were completely consumed by swollen rivers.

Trucking companies have resorted to crossing the border into the U.S., putting their loads in bond and re-entering Canada at the border of their choice. The United States road systems are fully functional and in some cases a better option than traveling through Canada at the moment.

Freight rates have skyrocketed for shipments moving between BC and the rest of Canada. 

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