Liftgate Services

Liftgate services can be a crucial aspect of freight transportation, particularly when it comes to large or heavy shipments. Liftgates are hydraulic platforms mounted on the back of trucks, and are used to lift heavy items from the ground up to the truck bed. They can be particularly helpful when it comes to shipping pallets, crates, or other heavy goods that cannot be lifted by hand. Here is everything you need to know about liftgate services:

What is a liftgate service?

A liftgate service is an additional service provided by carriers that involves the use of a hydraulic platform on the back of a truck to lift heavy items onto the truck bed. This service can be helpful when there is no loading dock at the pickup or delivery location, or when the item being shipped is too heavy to lift by hand.

When is a liftgate service necessary?

Liftgate services are usually necessary when the item being shipped is too heavy to lift by hand or does not have a loading dock available. If you're shipping items that weigh over 100 pounds or are in oversized packaging, a liftgate service is likely needed. Additionally, if the pickup or delivery location is not equipped with a loading dock, a liftgate service is necessary.

How much does a liftgate service cost?

The cost of a liftgate service varies depending on several factors, such as the weight and size of the shipment, the pickup and delivery locations, and the carrier being used. Typically, liftgate services can range from $50 to $150, but it is important to get an accurate quote from your carrier.

What are the benefits of using a liftgate service?

Liftgate services can provide a number of benefits, such as:

  • Safety: Using a liftgate service can help reduce the risk of injury, particularly when lifting heavy or oversized items.
  • Efficiency: A liftgate service can save time and make the pickup and delivery process more efficient, particularly when loading and unloading heavy items.
  • Accessibility: With a liftgate service, items can be loaded and unloaded at locations that do not have a loading dock available, such as residential areas or small businesses.
How can I request a liftgate service?

If you need a liftgate service for your shipment, be sure to request it when you are getting your quote or booking your shipment. You can usually do this through your carrier's online portal or by speaking directly with a customer service representative. It is important to be as specific as possible when requesting a liftgate service to ensure that the carrier can provide the appropriate equipment and personnel.

In conclusion, liftgate services can be a valuable addition to any shipment, particularly when it comes to large or heavy items. If you think that a liftgate service may be necessary for your shipment, be sure to speak with your carrier to determine the appropriate service and cost.