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Employee Spotlight: Dmitri Tchernychov

At Moto Transportation we love to give you easy-shipping solutions. Taking the hassle out of shipping is what we do best. But in order to deliver our service we need team members that know how to find the right solutions for your specific situation. Our Logistics Manager, Dmitri Tchernychov, does exactly that. Dmitri is a […]

2014 Transportation Industry Developments

Back in January we took a look at what the transportation landscape would look like in 2014. We touched briefly on a number of issues that could influence the direction of the industry in months to come. Now that we are half way through the year, we are taking a look at a couple developments […]

Shipping Routes Altered Due to Washout and Flooding

The recent flooding in southern Alberta has closed major freight shipping routes between British Columbia and Southern Alberta. Currently all trucks heading east from BC are being routed north through Edmonton to service Calgary and other southern locations. ¬†We are currently adding an additional shipping day to our transit times during the road closures. Drive […]

Damaged Interstate 5 bridge Adds Delays to West Coast Shipments

The recent collapse of the critical I-5 bridge between Mt Vernon and Burlington has added delays to shipments moving up and down the West Coast. For the complete story, read the recent article from The Vancouver Sun. Moto Transportation working with our clients to do the best we can to ensure timely delivery of all […]