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The Benefits of Using Flat Decks with Side Kits

In the past we have reviewed the differences between flat decks and dry vans, but there is one additional advantage that flat decks and flat beds have over dry vans – their flexibility. By adding a side kit to a flat deck, a number of benefits of a walled dry van are instantly added. Side […]

What You Need To Know When Your Shipment Gets Inspected At The Border

When you’re involved with cross-border shipping, there will always be a possibility that your shipment may be stopped for inspection. The purpose of this inspection is not to waste anyone’s time, but to ensure correct taxation and to protect the health and wellness of the population. There are many restrictions in place on what can […]

Advantages of Removable Gooseneck (RGN) Trailers

Heavy equipment hauling can be cumbersome and difficult. For those of you who have shipped large equipment in the past, you know how technical the process can be. That is why the removable gooseneck (RGN) trailer was created. With an RGN you can hold heavy equipment lower to the ground and avoid issues with height […]

How Pallet Pricing Can Simplify Your Costing

There are many different ways that freight prices are estimated and arrived at. With millions of different products coming in all different shapes and sizes, putting everything into one standardized size helps bring everyone onto the same page. This is why pallets have become such a popular option. Not only do they help in the […]

What Step Deck Trailers Are Great For

We all know that when it comes to packaging something up, especially around this time of year, one size does not fit all. Trying to fit something long with a unique shape and jagged edges cannot be put into a square box. The same can be said when it comes to shipping and transportation. This […]

Cross Border Shipping For Blaine, Washington

Even though Vancouver and Blaine are only 30 miles apart, getting your freight shipment from one place to another can be more difficult then it should be. Crossing the border can include a number of steps and processes that complicate the entire trip. When it comes to cross border shipping, we pride ourselves on being […]

Flat Bed Load Securement

When it comes to freight shipping one of the most popular methods of getting your products from start to finish is a flat bed truck. With flat bed shipping you have easier access to your cargo and much more space than a traditional dry van. If you haven’t already, read our article on choosing between […]

Easy Problems To Avoid When Cross Border Shipping

Crossing the border can be a stressful experience whether it’s with your family or a freight shipment. To reduce the stress and speed along the process it is best to have everything prepared before the stop. It also helps to avoid some common pitfalls that businesses often run into when sending their shipment across the […]

Frequently Asked Shipping Questions

At Moto Transportation we love the challenge of solving our clients’ shipping problems and finding the best solutions to them. We understand that freight shipping can be complicated with many rules and regulations. To help make it easier for you, we have compiled some questions that we are frequently asked by our customers. What documents […]

Forestry Industry Transportation

The forestry industry has provided Canada with billions of dollars of wages, benefits and tax revenue over for many years with no signs of stopping. The transportation industry is an integral support to the booming industry. At Moto Transportation, we understand that shipping lumber needs to be a seamless process getting the logs from the […]