When do your trucks depart from your terminals?

At Moto, we offer regular departures from our terminals to a variety of destinations across North America. Here's a breakdown of our typical schedule:

  • British Columbia to California: We have departures every Tuesday and Friday for shipments to California, Nevada, Oregon, Washington & Arizona.

  • British Columbia to Texas: We offer a weekly departure every Friday for shipments to Texas and surrounding states.

  • California to British Columbia: If you're shipping from California, Arizona or Nevada to British Columbia, we have regular departures every Tuesday and Friday.

  • Alberta to Ontario: We offer weekly departures every Friday for shipments from Alberta to Ontario.

  • Ontario to BC/AB: If you're shipping from Ontario to British Columbia or Alberta, we have regular departures every Friday.

  • Texas to Canada: For shipments from Texas to Canada, we offer a weekly departure every Friday.

In addition to these regular departures, we also have a comprehensive schedule of our trucks available here. And if you need more information or assistance with routing a specific lane, our Moto team members are always available to help.

At Moto, we understand the importance of timely and reliable transportation when it comes to your shipments. That's why we strive to provide regular and consistent departures from our terminals, so you can plan your logistics with confidence and get your goods where they need to go on time.