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Commonly Used Services

Our accessorial charges apply when the service involved is performed by Moto If the service is performed by another agent, the published charges of that carrier or agent will be used.

  Rate By Rate
Inside Pick Up or Delivery - includes extra 15 mins of free loading/unloading time, standard detention applies after that Flat Spot Quote
Power Tailgate 1-3 Skids $45.00
Power Tailgate 4-10 Skids $80.00
Power Tailgate 10+ Skids Spot Quote
Residential Pick Up or Delivery - DOES NOT INCLUDE TAILGATE SERVICE Flat $80.00
Trade Shows / Exhibitions Flat Spot Quote
Saturday / Sunday / Holidays Flat $325.00
After Hours Pick Up or Delivery 5PM - 12AM $150.00
After Hours Pick Up or Delivery 12AM - 8AM $250.00
Appointment (Window of 2 Hours or Less) Flat $40.00
Call Ahead Flat $10.00
Original Bill of Lading Use Flat $20.00

Detention - With Power Unit - Free time allowed per shipment:

Up to 4,999 lbs or 4 Skids 15 Mins Free
Up to 9,999 lbs or 5-12 Skids 30 Mins Free
Up to 19,999 lbs or 13+ Skids 60 Mins Free
Over 19,999 lbs or FTL 120 Mins Free

Per 15 Mins $25.00

Re-Delivery, Missed Pick Up or Dead Call - within 25 miles of our terminal *If dead call occurs beyond 25 miles of our terminal, our charges are assessed at $1.25 per mile one way and $15 per skid

*Full truckload or sourced out LTL charges are based on partner carrier charges

Missed Delivery 1st skid $120.00 + $15.00 per skid after
Re-Delivery, Missed Pick Up or Dead Call Missed Pick Up 1st skid $65.00 + $15.00 per skid after

Storage & Undelivered Freight

After 24 hours OR 1 attempted delivery, charges apply per shipment, per day. If stored outside of Moto’s warehouse, charges may be adjusted. Formula: number of pallets X $10.00 X number of days in storage = total (if the total is under $25, the $25 minimum applies)

  $25.00 Minimum Total
Per Pallet - $10.00

In Bond Fee 

When a shipment goes in bond into Canada due to broker not clearing shipment in advance

BC Terminal $175.00
In Bond Fee Outside Terminals Fees Determined by Location
T&E (US Bond) Moto or Customer Bond


Personal Goods Fee Moto or Customer Bond

$90.00 (NB USA to Canada)

$275.00 (SB Canada to USA)

Customs Liaison Service

This fee applies if we have to get involved to resolve issues with your customs broker in order to move your shipment across the border. 

For example: incomplete commercial invoices, missing HS codes, incomplete or missing additional documents (CUSMA), unable to get in touch with broker after multiple attempts or delayed response causing delay in truck crossing

We don't want to have to do this but sometimes customs brokers leave us no choice, in a perfect world you should clear your shipments through us. Start clearing today!


$50.00 per incident

Customs Rejection Fee

This fee applies if your shipment results in our truck being rejected by CBP or CBSA. As we ship consolidated trucks, your shipment is just one of many on board. If the truck is rejected it causes a delay in transit time to all the other shipments which have to go through the reclearance process from scratch. It also results in revenue loss for every hour the truck is not able to move on the road. 


Minimum $3,000.00 

$100 per hour of waiting time + $100 per re-clearance of other freight on truck

Customs Docs Request Fee

We will request customs documentation:

1. At the time of booking by email

2. The day of pick up by email & phone

If we still do not have documents when these shipments arrive to our dock and we have to request the paperwork again a fee will apply per request. 

As soon as you book your order we account for your shipment to depart on our next truck. In order to speed up the loading and transit time we require documents as soon as humanely possible, otherwise storage fees may apply.


$15.00 per request


  • What are inside delivery charges?

    Inside charges are applied to a shipment when the driver is required to go beyond the immediate area of the receiving door, required to deliver to a location other than the ground floor, and/or the handling unit of the freight exceeds the width/height of the receiving door and the driver must break down the unit to complete the pick-up or delivery.

  • Is there a way to avoid appointment charges?

    Yes, by giving us a pick up or delivery window of 3 hours or more.

  • Are appointments guaranteed?

    We do not guarantee appointment deliveries. We do our best to meet our customers’ expectations and requirements; however, there are times when situations beyond our control prevent us from meeting an appointment, for example, weather delays or road closures.

  • I told your rating team the actual address; why did they not tell me it was limited access?

    Our rating team only uses origin/destination cities and states for quoting purposes. It is the responsibility of the billing party to know any special requirements for their shipment.

  • I have a business operating from my home and I have a GST number; why am I charged a Private Residence delivery fee?

    Due to the limitations that residential areas present to our operations, we charge additional fees to cover/maintain the special equipment required to service residential areas. Example of special equipment includes straight trucks with tailgate services.

  • Why would I need a tailgate?

    Tailgates are used if the customer’s location does not have a dock/sufficient equipment to load or offload freight.

  • Why wasn’t I notified of an extra charge? Why can’t I approve it before you use it?

    We try our absolute best to keep you completely up to date with any charges pertaining to your shipment however there are situations where we find out about a special requirement last minute and it is impossible for us to do anything about it at that point. For example: if a tailgate is not requested at the time of quoting or on the transport agreement sent to Moto prior to dispatch, the drivers are not aware it will be needed until they arrive at the delivery/pickup location. If the driver arrives and proper offloading facilities are not available or a consignee requests the driver provide a tailgate service, then it will be charged according to the Moto Transportation Terms and Conditions.

  • What is a Call Ahead fee?

    If you require a call prior to pick up or delivery, or if we are making a pickup or delivery to an unmanned location we charge a fee to ensure someone is on site to ship or receive the freight when our driver arrives. This limits delays for the drivers and ensures your freight is picked or delivered as expected.

  • Why is your detention so high? Most carriers only charge $50 per hour. Why don’t you allow 2 hours of free detention time?

    We are an LTL carrier paying our drivers hourly, we are not a line haul carrier, this means we have multiple pickups and deliveries which need to be made for each truck to ensure all of our customers demands are met. Some of these deliveries may have appointments which cannot be delayed without incurring penalties. Moreover, with new ELD mandates our drivers are limited in terms of what they can accomplish in a day which increases the cost of delays.

  • Why are you charging me to use my US Bond?

    We charge for the proper handling of your bond to ensure it is cancelled at the time of crossing into Canada. This pays for an additional stop for our driver along with operations keeping track of your bond. Do you want to risk having a bond enter into Canada that has not been Cancelled?

  • I do not need a tailgate with my Residential Pickup/Delivery why can’t you reduce the fee?

    While most people are trying to save cost by using a tailgate at the time of a residential pickup or delivery, larger fees are typically incurred from detention. Using the tailgate ensures our drivers complete the pickup or delivery in a timely manner while reducing the risk of injury to all parties and/or damage to the freight.

  • Why am I being charged for not providing customs docs?

    Every shipment that crosses the border between Canada and the US requires proper documentation. To ensure your freight is not delayed at a terminal, placed into bond or seized at the border we ask for your assistance in obtaining the proper documentation. Each time we have to request the documents takes time from other work or tasks that could be completed by our operations team. To ensure you are not being charged please send the proper documentation at the time of booking

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