Transit Times & Departures

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Our Scheduled Consolidation Trucks Depart:

Tuesdays and Fridays

  • from California to British Columbia
  • from Texas to British Columbia 
  • from Texas to Alberta
  • from British Columbia to California 


  • from California to Alberta
  • from Texas to Ontario
  • from British Columbia to Texas
Daily Transit Schedule - Sheet1



  • How do I know what the transit time is?

    Estimated transit time is provided when we quote your shipment, it is located in the notes of the quote you receive from us.

  • Does the transit time start from the day the freight is packed up?

    It is in business days and does not count the day the freight is picked up.

  • How does transit time work?

    Transit time is estimated based on how many hours/days the driver will take to get from origin to destination (drivers have legal daily limits of how many hours they can drive). If this is a partnered move, transit time will be provided to us by our partner carrier based on their service length.

  • Is the transit time I receive accurate?

    It is as accurate as it can be. Shipments are not guaranteed to arrive within the transit time that is provided at the time of quoting as many outside causes can impact the time it takes to get a shipment to its final delivery location (ie. storms, fires, car accidents, driver emergencies, mechanical failure, unexpected stops).

  • Do you offer guaranteed or expedited service?

    We do offer guaranteed and expedited service for customers who require a shipment to get to its destination by a certain date, you will have to request it at time of quoting. Once a shipment has been picked up it is very difficult and sometimes not possible for us to switch the type of service we are providing. If you know ahead of time that you need this freight to arrive immediately please do not hesitate to ask us for the extra service.

  • Does my FTL (full truckload) shipment travel on the same truck that it picks up?

    Yes. FTL shipments will not be transferred between trucks