Insurance & Claims

If your shipment value exceeds $2/lb please remember to request extra insurance at the time of quoting.

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    Our liability is $2.00 CAD per pound of the actual damaged portion of the shipment, not the weight of the entire shipment.
    Maximum of $250,000 CAD for extra valuation loss insurance.
    The minimum Claim amount is $150.00

    Deductibles for Extra Valuation
    General Freight: $350.00
    Fragile Shipments, Electronics, Machinery or Furniture: $600.00

    The claim must be submitted within 7 days of delivery and include the following documents:

    • Proof of Delivery with claim notations (to be inspected or concealed notations will not be accepted)
    • Original Bill of Lading
    • A commercial invoice stating the value of the damaged goods 
    • Replacement cost invoice
    • Moto Claim form
    • Supporting pictures and documents
    • Freight invoice must be paid for the claim to be initiated
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    Your shipment must be professionally packaged to protect against the freight being handled, transferring stations, and the general transportation environment utilizing forklifts.

    Unprotected freight and damaged packaging claims are excluded and will be denied coverage.

    • Alcoholic Beverages
    • Tobacco products
    • Automobiles or Motorized Vehicles
    • Tile products
    • Glass
    • Fragile Marked Shipments
    • Personal Effects
    • Household goods
    • Furnishings
    • Live Plants or Animals
    • Refrigerated goods
    • Heated or Fresh products
    • Perishable goods
    • Works of Art
    • Artifacts
    • High-Value Electronics
    • Firearms.


  • Is my freight likely to get damaged?

    Moto is 99.99% claims free, which means under 0.1% of our shipments arrive with damages. However, based on packaging and rigours of transportation it is possible that your shipment could be damaged along the way or at pick up/delivery, that’s why it is important to make sure the total value of your goods is covered by our insurance and your shipment is packaged properly.

  • How much does your cargo insurance cover if something happens? How much freight insurance does Moto carry?

    If any damages occur Moto’s insurance will cover $2.00 per pound of the damaged product. Some items are non-insurable, fragile items like glass, tile and used goods are usually not covered.

  • Are there any cargo insurance providers you recommend to cover the full value of my freight?

    If you require extra cargo insurance, we can provide you with the cost at time of quoting (maximum amount insurable is $250,000.00 CAD).

  • What do I do if my shipment arrived damaged?

    Download a claim form here and link to claim form page/button and send it to claims@shipmoto.com along with all the back up, DO NOT DISPOSE of the damaged freight. Make sure your receiver knows to note any damages at the time of arrival, it is basically impossible for us to approve a claim which has a POD signed clear as that indicates the damages occurred after the delivery of the freight.

  • How should I package my shipment?

    Palletize and shrink wrap your freight! Keep in mind it needs to withstand the freight shipping environment. Make sure boxes/cartons are full, with no air in them. With air, your products can get crushed and damaged on the inside during shipping. Use lots of packing materials to fill up the extra space, straps to hold product in place. Stagger or align your product on the pallet, heavier at the bottom, lighter at the top. Make sure boxes don’t overhang or aren’t misaligned on the pallet, otherwise, the pallet can act as a bumper or boxes will move and be damaged. Distribute weight evenly all throughout. Shrink wrap it properly so it’s tight together: don’t be shy on the shrink wrap: wrap 3 to 5 times and use good quality shrink wrap. Wrap the top part of the pallet as well but not entirely so the pallet is accessible to the forklift.

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