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  • Do you handle the customs clearance of freight or are you a customs broker?

    While we have a very knowledgeable customs team, we are not a customs broker. We simply organize and send the commercial invoices you or your shipper provides us to your customs broker for clearance.

  • What is a customs broker?

    A customs broker is someone who clears shipments of imported or exported goods. They are responsible for ensuring that the items meet all the regulations, laws, packaging, and other requirements that are mandated by law.

  • Where do I find a customs broker?

    We work closely with A&A Customs Brokers and Pacific Customs Brokers and you can reach them at 888-392-4435 for all your customs clearance questions.

  • Who do I give the customs paperwork to?

    Please send all your customs paperwork to

  • Which documents are needed for customs clearance?

    Commercial invoices with country of origin of the goods and the total value of the goods. Any other additional shipping documents ie. NAFTA, USMCA, Bill of Lading, Packing List.

  • Is Moto Transportation a bonded carrier?

    Yes, we are a U.S. Customs Bonded and a Canada Customs Bonded Carrier.

  • Does Moto Transportation have bonded warehouses?

    Yes, we have bonded warehouses in Surrey, BC, Calgary, AB and Toronto, ON. We do not have bonded warehouses in the US.

  • What happens if my shipment goes in bond?

    You will receive a notification from Moto and from your customs broker. If shipping to Canada, your shipment will be at our bonded warehouse until customs clearance has been completed. If the bond was the fault of your company, shipper or customs broker a bond fee will be applied to your order and we will require approval of the fee before delivery. If it was Moto’s error, we will waive the fee.



  • How do I know what the transit time is?

    Estimated transit time is provided when we quote your shipment, it is located in the notes of the quote you receive from us.

  • Does the transit time start from the day the freight is packed up?

    It is in business days and does not count the day the freight is picked up.

  • How does transit time work?

    Transit time is estimated based on how many hours/days the driver will take to get from origin to destination (drivers have legal daily limits of how many hours they can drive). If this is a partnered move, transit time will be provided to us by our partner carrier based on their service length.

  • Is the transit time I receive accurate?

    It is as accurate as it can be. Shipments are not guaranteed to arrive within the transit time that is provided at the time of quoting as many outside causes can impact the time it takes to get a shipment to its final delivery location (ie. storms, fires, car accidents, driver emergencies, mechanical failure, unexpected stops).

  • Do you offer guaranteed or expedited service?

    We do offer guaranteed and expedited service for customers who require a shipment to get to its destination by a certain date, you will have to request it at time of quoting. Once a shipment has been picked up it is very difficult and sometimes not possible for us to switch the type of service we are providing. If you know ahead of time that you need this freight to arrive immediately please do not hesitate to ask us for the extra service.

  • Does my FTL (full truckload) shipment travel on the same truck that it picks up?

    Yes. FTL shipments will not be transferred between trucks



  • What are your extra charges?

    The first time you quote with us you will receive a sheet outlining all our accessorial charges from your account manager, feel free to ask for this information again at any point.

  • Will I know ahead of time if there are any extra charges?

    If all of the details provided to us at time of quoting are accurate then you will know ahead of time how much any extra shipping services are going to cost.

  • Can I get an instant update when fees are added to my shipment?

    Within our partnered lanes, legally a common carrier can rebill us up to 1 year after a shipment delivers and, unfortunately if the fees are the fault of a shipper, consignee or bill to and not Moto then it’s only fair we get paid for them. Keep in mind that this mostly happens if the information provided to us at the beginning was not accurate. That is why it is so important to get us the correct shipping information from the beginning.

  • How long can my shipment sit at your dock before fees apply?

    After 24 hours or 1 attempted delivery, storage charges will apply per shipment, per day.

  • Does my quote include all applicable taxes?

    Your quote will not include taxes as we work with clients all over North America and taxes vary by state and province. Your freight invoice will reflect the applicable taxes.

  • Why is my invoice reflecting extra charges that did not appear on my original quote?

    Sometimes extra charges are incurred along the way. For example, a detention charge, if the driver shows up to the shipper location and has to wait longer than the allowed free time to get loaded, they will charge Moto for having to delay the next pick up, there is no way for us to foresee these kinds of events. Your invoice should have a detailed breakdown of what the accessorial is that you are being charged for. If you believe there has been a discrepancy or mistake, please contact your account manager upon receiving the invoice so they can look into it for you.

  • Why do we get a limited amount of free time for loading/unloading?

    Our drivers have a lot of pickups and deliveries to make, they are not dedicated to only your shipment unless you are paying for dedicated service, this means they may have an appointment to make right after loading your shipment, if they are delayed due to long loading or unloading it offsets their entire day and as a result Moto incurs extra charges from missed appointments and driver waiting times. We have specific breaks for different freight amounts, more freight gets more time to be loaded and unloaded and most clients do not have an issue with those time frames. These breakdowns will be on the accessorial sheet provided to you by your account manager, feel free to reach out to them again at any point if you require it again or did not receive it.

  • How can I avoid extra charges?

    While quoting make sure to provide us with all the proper information, this includes freight class, density, weight, commodity, dimensions all around, any extra requirements. If you know ahead of time that there is some requirement at the shipper or consignee location it helps us price things out correctly from the get go, if you know the shipper or consignee takes a long time to load/unload we can work extra detention time in at the quoting stage so you have a rough idea of what it will actually cost you in the end. The more accurate the information you give us is, the more accurate your rate will be.


  • How do I get a freight quote?

    You can use our online freight quote request form, call us at 604-332-2523, or email us at Your account manager is also happy to help you with your quote request. If you have access to our online portal, you can use it to run rates to price your freight quotes instantly.

  • How do I book a pick up?

    To book a freight pick up you will need to send all the details to your account manager or our customer support team at If there is an existing quote for this shipment please make sure you include the quote number in your email request. If you have access to our online portal you can book your pick up directly through there.

  • How do I contact a sales person?

    You can reach our sales people by dialing 604-332-2523 x3. If you do not have an account manager or would like to request a new one, please do not hesitate to ask us.

  • How do I contact customer service?

    You can reach our sales people by dialing 604-332-2523 x1 or emailing

  • How do I determine freight class?

    Freight class is based on four factors:

    • Density: The space the items take up in the trailer and their weight factor into the density calculation.
    • Storability: Items that are more difficult to store will be given a higher freight class. This includes shipments that might be hazardous or very heavy.
    • Handling: Any freight that requires special handling could be assigned a higher class.
    • Liability: Perishable freight or freight that could be easily damaged will be designated a higher freight class.
  • How do I used the online rating portal?

    Use your login information to get into the portal, from there you fill in all your quote information and click “Get Rates”, all of the rates available will display to you in the next window. If one of the rates looks good you can proceed with booking the shipment by clicking the “Book” button, it will ask you to fill in some information about your pick up and once completed it will be forwarded to our team. You will receive a load # and BOL from us as soon as the shipment has been set up for dispatch in our system with the rate you agreed to. Your rate document will download at the end of you requesting the pick up through the portal, so you have some sort of back up for the rate.

  • How do I get an account for the online rating portal?

    You will need to request one from your account manager. If you do not have an account manager simply call us at 604-332-2523 or email us at

  • What do I do if I forget my rating portal password?

    You can click on the “Forgot Password?” link underneath your login information fields for the online portal.

  • Can a username be shared by more than one person for the freight rating portal?

    No, each contact will have their own login details.


  • Is my freight likely to get damaged?

    Moto is 99.99% claims free, which means under 0.1% of our shipments arrive with damages. However, based on packaging and rigours of transportation it is possible that your shipment could be damaged along the way or at pick up/delivery, that’s why it is important to make sure the total value of your goods is covered by our insurance and your shipment is packaged properly.

  • How much does your cargo insurance cover if something happens? How much freight insurance does Moto carry?

    If any damages occur Moto’s insurance will cover $2.00 per pound of the damaged product. Some items are non-insurable, fragile items like glass, tile and used goods are usually not covered.

  • Are there any cargo insurance providers you recommend to cover the full value of my freight?

    If you require extra cargo insurance, we can provide you with the cost at time of quoting (maximum amount insurable is $250,000.00 CAD).

  • What do I do if my shipment arrived damaged?

    Download a claim form here and link to claim form page/button and send it to along with all the back up, DO NOT DISPOSE of the damaged freight. Make sure your receiver knows to note any damages at the time of arrival, it is basically impossible for us to approve a claim which has a POD signed clear as that indicates the damages occurred after the delivery of the freight.

  • How should I package my shipment?

    Palletize and shrink wrap your freight! Keep in mind it needs to withstand the freight shipping environment. Make sure boxes/cartons are full, with no air in them. With air, your products can get crushed and damaged on the inside during shipping. Use lots of packing materials to fill up the extra space, straps to hold product in place. Stagger or align your product on the pallet, heavier at the bottom, lighter at the top. Make sure boxes don’t overhang or aren’t misaligned on the pallet, otherwise, the pallet can act as a bumper or boxes will move and be damaged. Distribute weight evenly all throughout. Shrink wrap it properly so it’s tight together: don’t be shy on the shrink wrap: wrap 3 to 5 times and use good quality shrink wrap. Wrap the top part of the pallet as well but not entirely so the pallet is accessible to the forklift.


  • Where do I find the credit card form?

    Your credit card form will be provided to you by your account manager.

  • Do I have to pay by credit card?

    No, you can set up credit with Moto on 30-day terms. Your account manager will provide you with the credit application form, it will ask for some references and banking information. Once your credit is approved, you can pay us by EFT, Cheque and/or Wire Transfer. If this is your first shipment you will want to have credit set up with us ahead of time, as we cannot begin dispatching your freight until we are confident that we are working with a legitimate company. If you need your first shipment moved as quickly as possible, we recommend paying for the first one by credit card and setting up credit for future shipments.

  • Can I have a copy of my invoice?

    Invoices are sent out within 1 day of your shipment delivering, you can also login to your customer portal to see any past invoices. If you are missing an invoice, please do not hesitate to ask us for a copy. If you pay by credit card and your credit card is charged before the shipment delivers, the invoice will still be sent to you after the shipment delivers, this is only for your record keeping purposes.