2014 Transportation Industry Developments

Moto Transportation Cross Border ShippingBack in January we took a look at what the transportation landscape would look like in 2014. We touched briefly on a number of issues that could influence the direction of the industry in months to come. Now that we are half way through the year, we are taking a look at a couple developments that could heavily influence the freight shipping industry as we know it.

Pre-Clearance Border Crossing Pilot

It has been announced that a “pre-clearance” pilot project has begun at the Peace Bridge border crossing in Ontario. This project is aimed at expediting the flow of trucks across the border. U.S. customs agents will inspect the trucks on the Canadian side of the border before reaching the official booth stop. If the truck is given approval they will only require a “rolling” stop and then continue down south. While we can take advantage the current Free and Secure Trade (FAST) program, this new pilot project looks to create an even quicker crossing. If successful, the project will be rolled out to select border crossings across the US-Canada border. Read more about the pilot project.

Technology In Transportation

Growth in technology has changed the way every industry in the world works, and even our daily lives. But now two big tech companies are collaborating for something that could change the way the transportation industry runs. SAP and IBM are developing a new platform of analytics, cloud computing, mobile solutions, and a list of other features. Its goal will be to standardize and optimize performance for transportation companies. This new platform could mean large improvements in the way the transportation industry functions. With two big names like IBM and SAP, this is something that we will be looking forward to seeing. Read more.

The transportation industry is an ever expanding and changing landscape. With developments like these, it could look completely different in a year. In the mean time, Moto Transportation will continue to bring you fast, easy shipping solutions. To get started contact us 1-604-757-2441 or request a free quote.