Choosing between a Flat Bed or Dry Van

When it comes to shipping and freight methods, you’ve got options.  One of the first choices is selecting whether you’ll need a flat bed or dry van to move your freight. If you don’t take the time to consider your needs you can spend more time and money than needed.

When deciding, consider the following factors:

Product Size

When deciding between a flat deck and dry van, dimensions are everything. If you have a long or tall load the flat bed will give you greater flexibility. The flat deck will allow you to hang over and is ideal for oversized loads. You have more freedom when placing a load on a flat bed because of the available overhang. Just make sure the item is properly secured.

Loading Logistics

When your truck arrives, don’t be caught off guard with the logistics. If you have a heavy job requiring a crane to load and unload the product, the flat bed is for you. With no roof or walls to worry about you are free to unload with a crane. Forklifts can help with heavy loads as well and while dry vans are simple to back into a loading dock for forklifts to get in and out, make sure that you have the right dimensions of the forklift and dry van, or else it won’t fit.


Don’t have your shipment ruined before it arrives. With a dry van you can have your items covered and even refrigerated or heated if needed. Take a look at what you will be shipping and whether it will be safe in the open on the highway and in the weather. Industrial materials on the back of a flat bed can usually take the wind, rain, and small objects that may bounce of the pavement of the highway. But if you have a fragile or water vulnerable item, you’re better to wrap it up and ship it in a dry van.

Make sure you know the environment and the product when choosing the right vehicle for your shipping needs. And of course, be safe when loading. Make sure you have the proper straps, tie downs, tarps, and flags.

Check out our flat deck and dry van pages and request a free quote when you’re ready to choose. If you have any questions or need more assistance on choosing the best truck for your needs, contact Moto Transportation at1-604-757-2441.