Cross-Border Shipping Checklist

There are many significant differences between domestic shipping and cross border shipping that must be carefully and thoroughly followed in order to ensure that packages are able to reach their destination properly. Moto Transportation has been handling cross-border shipping between Canada and the United States for many years and specializes in freight shipping between California and Western Canada as well as freight shipping between Texas and Western Canada. If your business is doing any type of shipping between Canada and the United States, please review the Moto Transportation cross-border shipping checklist of required documents below:

Commercial Invoice

There is good reason for this item being number one on our cross border shipping documents checklist. This is because it is likely the most important document needed when shipping between Canada and the United States. The exporter is responsible for the creation of this document; however, it is important for both parties to have copies. This document will include the most relevant information for all parties involved including border personnel.

Insurance Documents

Although shipping insurance documents aren’t necessarily required when shipping between Canada and the United States, it is always a good idea to have them on hand due to the increased risk involved with shipping across any border. Moto Transportation recommends shipping insurance documents for both cross-border shipping and domestic shipping.

Certificate of Origin

This document isn’t always required for shipping between Canada and the United States. Its requirement is dependent upon the materials being shipped; therefore, it is still important to include on our cross-border shipping documents checklist. This document includes manufacturing information with regards to the country in which the product was produced in.

Toxic Substances Control Act Form

The Toxic Substances Control Act Form is only required when certain hazardous materials or chemicals are being shipped across the border to or from the United States. These documents are unique to the United States and regulated by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

U.S. FCC Form 740

If you are shipping materials that give off any type of radio frequency, you will need to ensure you have properly filled out a U.S. FCC Form 740 document. This document is important in the same way that the Toxic Substances Control Act Form is; however, the U.S. FCC Form 740 is regulated by the U.S. Federal Communications Commission.

If you have any questions about cross-border shipping and what it requires, please contact Moto Transportation at 1-800-400-1681. We are happy to answer any cross-border shipping questions you may have. As cross-border freight shipping experts, we can help you ensure that you have everything you need to effectively ship between Canada and the United States. Whether it’s dry van trucking, or flat deck trucking, we have a cross-border shipping method that will meet your business’s needs. To request a free quote or pick-up, please visit our website.