Customer Success Story

Double D BeveragesAt Moto Transportation, we aim to provide the best freight shipping services we can, so we are always happy to hear when we have helped one of our customers uniquely resolve their shipping issues. Recently we saw this with Double D Beverage Co., a producer of sports and energy drinks that needed to send out their products to retailers across Canada. With an operation of their size, it wasn’t surprising that they experienced a number of critical shipping issues.

The Problem

DD Beverages had worked with other companies in the past but the process never quite worked out as smoothly as they required. There had been issues sending their merchandise to their distributors in various locations across Canada. In addition to this, they couldn’t track where their shipments were at all times, which didn’t provide the business with the data it needed to make smarter decisions.

The Moto Solution

Because Moto Transportation has a wide delivery network, we were able to setup the connections that DD Beverages needed at the prices they wanted. Our services also include real-time shipment tracking, pick-up and delivery. Our confirmation emails are delivered right to their inbox – exactly what they needed.

Shipping Made Easy

With our freight services aligned with DD Beverages shipping goals, it gave their company more time to focus on other areas of the business that needed their attention. With our assistance, they no longer need to worry about the logistics of shipping and are given all the information they require through our tracking emails. Moto Transportation has now become the go-to company for all their shipping needs and are considered an integral part of the business. Like having an in-house logistics staff member, Moto Transportation is here to solve any shipping problems.

We understand everything that goes into shipping, from pick up to delivery. Starting from our focus of routes along the Western corridor, we have worked to expand our delivery network from to expand further south and east to service even more potential customers. To give you peace of mind and the best convenience, we have integrated shipment tracking as a standard for all of our freight services. If you are struggling with your current freight situation or are looking for improved shipping operations, contact us at 1-604-757-2441 or request a free quote to get started.