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Dear Customer

We’re so excited you decided to join the Moto community. Our mission is to make the complicated simple.
There are many more tips we could share with you but we thought we’d give you the most important stuff first:

1. Bill of ladings and proof of deliveries matter!

If we had to choose just one thing, we would tell you that when your shipper and consignee are shipping and receiving freight the paperwork they share with the driver is paramount!

Signed paperwork holds a lot of value in the shipping world. It is considered proof of any extra charges, shortages and damages. If your shipper or consignee cannot inspect the freight condition fully then make sure they put “subject to inspection” on the POD. Claims cannot be submitted without proof that damages were noted at delivery.

2. Customs Paperwork has to be submitted as soon as possible

Some of the most time-consuming delays and highest charges arise when something didn’t go according to plan at the border. To avoid issues try to submit all your customs paperwork prior to pick up. This gives your customs broker and your carrier enough time to make sure everything is set up with Canada/US Customs.

3. We do not know if extra services are required if you do not tell us

We would never hide charges from you but if you don’t disclose that a shipment requires extra services (like a tailgate or appointment) then we cannot help you minimize these costs ahead of time and are forced to pass on the charges we get from our partners and drivers after the fact. If you tell us at the time of quoting then we still have the ability to select the proper equipment and we will be upfront with you on any of these charges.

If you just aren’t sure what your shipment requires then let us help you out. Just let us know you need help figuring out if this shipment requires anything special, give us the details of the locations you are quoting and we can contact your shipper or consignee to figure out what is required and put together a proper quote.

4. Partnered service areas are not the same as our own service areas

If your shipment is outside our service area then it means we may have to use a partner to pick up your shipment. We vet all our partners thoroughly but unfortunately, we just don’t have the same control we normally would over our own equipment. Please keep this in mind, we will go to the ends of the earth to get all the details ironed out and keep you in the loop on your freight but there is a difference in service quality that we cannot deny.

5. Tell us what is important to you!

We ship for thousands of companies and each one has unique requirements. Just like with everything in life, you get what you pay for. If you know a shipment requires extra care and attention then make sure we know that too so we can live up to your expectations! Alternatively, if you want rock bottom pricing then we will get within your budget but that does mean the quality of service may suffer. We will always be honest with you but we won’t always be able to read your mind.

6. High-value light shipments

Regular insurance policies will cover $2/lb of damaged product. Keep this in mind if you have light shipments that are high value, it is much cheaper to purchase extra insurance ahead of time than it is to have something happen in transit and not be able to recover the full amount. We won’t always know the value of your freight so it is important to let us know if you require more insurance.

7. Time at pick up or delivery isn’t free forever

Your shipment does receive some free time for loading and unloading depending on the size, but after that free time has passed we have to charge per minute and we do have set pricing for waiting time which your account manager can share with you. We are an LTL carrier paying our drivers hourly, this means we have multiple pickups and deliveries which need to be made for each truck to ensure all of our customers demands are met. Some of these deliveries may have appointments which cannot be delayed without incurring penalties. Moreover, with new ELD mandates our drivers are limited in terms of what they can accomplish in a day which increases the cost of delays.