Fall Special: Heated Shipping

With temperatures dropping and winter around the corner, your deliveries are going to need protection from the elements. If you’re shipping temperature sensitive items, the worst thing that can happen is to have them ruined before they arrive at their destination.

If freezing you will spoil your products, will need to ship with an insulated, heated trailer. Freezing and unfreezing that occurs when shipping and storing in cold environments can cause perishables to become damaged. While these goods may be safe during summer, a trailer that is not properly equipped will allow them to drop to unsafe temperatures. Some examples of products that require a heated freight service include:

  • Household Liquids
  • Alcohol Products
  • Cosmetics & Drug Products
  • Liquid Fertilizer
  • Canned Beverages (bottle or can)
  • Shampoo or other products containing ingredients that separate when they freeze
  • Consumer commodities that appear in a liquid state at room temperature
  • Most perishable food products

Going with a heated freight or ‘protect from freeze’ service can give you peace of mind this winter. Transporting your products in a Temperature Controlled insulated trailer can monitor the temperature and keep it where it should be. Insulation in the trailer will keep the winter on the outside where it should be.

Don’t let your shipments get damaged this season, ship with a heated trailer from Moto Transportation. Request a free freight quote today and let us know your needs for protection from freezing. If you still have questions for shipping this winter contact Moto Transportation at 1-604-757-2441.