Flat Bed Load Securement

When it comes to freight shipping one of the most popular methods of getting your products from start to finish is a flat bed truck. With flat bed shipping you have easier access to your cargo and much more space than a traditional dry van. If you haven’t already, read our article on choosing between a flat bed or dry van for a better understanding on the benefits of flat bed shipping. With flat bed shipping though, it is critical to have your load secured properly and prepared for the elements.

Load Strap Securement
Imagining your freight moving down the highway on a flat bed truck at high speeds can be a nerve-racking thing. Peace of mind comes from knowing your load has been secured properly. A flat bed load can consist of a number of different items that range in size and dimension. If you have a number of small pieces it is best to put them in a crate or container. This way the box can be properly strapped down and you don’t have to worry about items being lost. With items such as rebar or long pieces that usually extend off the back of a flat bed, it is best to bundle them up. By bundling up your cargo tightly it is easier to strap the bundle together and leaves less chance of the load shifting and falling off.

Preparing for the Elements
In some cases flat bed shipping is your best option but it still does not protect from the weather. This is where containers and tarps come in handy. By bundling up your cargo and securing it with a tarp you can keep wind and water from damaging your products. Tarps must be secured tightly or water can find its way in or you could also lose the tarp in transit due to strong wind force.

Use the Right Equipment
If shipping on a flat bed is a regular occurrence for you then there are many efficiencies that you can take advantage of. Make sure that you have tarps or containers on hand that you can ship your items in. Forklifts are also helpful for bringing those heavy items and positioning them properly. And to make the job that much easier, a Dura-Ramp will help you transition perfectly to the flat bed. Investing in these types of equipment can help make each shipment easier and smoother.

With a wide range of products that can be shipped on a flat bed there isn’t a “one size fits all” way to protect every shipment. When you go with a professional shipper you can get the right advice to be properly prepared for your shipment. At Moto Transportation we make flat bed shipping as easy as possible. If you need to ship your freight with a flat bed, contact us and we can help you plan for your shipment and ensure that everything arrives at its destination in the condition it left.