Forestry Industry Transportation

The forestry industry has provided Canada with billions of dollars of wages, benefits and tax revenue over for many years with no signs of stopping. The transportation industry is an integral support to the booming industry. At Moto Transportation, we understand that shipping lumber needs to be a seamless process getting the logs from the forest to the pulp mill and it need to be done with care.

Transportation Safety

As many people who work in the forestry industry know, cutting down a tree needs to be done carefully and methodically. Moving massive trees can cause a significant amount of damage and cause substantial injury. Shipping logs on the back of a truck is the same way.

Using an experience crane or excavator operator, logs will be stacked on the back of a flat bed truck. If the logs are not in position correctly they will roll off the truck, which can turn into a dangerous situation. Once the lumber has been stacked it is securely fastened. If the lumber hangs off the back of the truck it will require an “oversized load” sign to notify other drivers on the road. There are many rules and regulations to follow when transporting lumber and they are all in place to help keep everyone on the road safe.

Flat Bed Log Shipping

Flat bed trucks are used to ship the lumber. With a flat bed you are able to hang oversized products off the back of the truck. It also allows for easy loading and unloading by cranes and excavators. At Moto Transportation we specialize in over dimensional shipments throughout North America. Our team of professionals will help you minimize your shipping costs while maintaining safety and quality transportation.

Wherever the forest is we can help get your product to where it needs to go. Losing any amount of lumber can be expensive and costly. If you have wood that needs to get across the province, state, or country  contact us 1-604-757-2441 or request a free quote and we can help you with your transportation needs.