Freight Unloading Safety

When it comes to unloading a delivery, safety and care should be the priorities. You may have been waiting weeks for a delivery to arrive, so you don’t want to take any risks in unloading it. Any mishaps in unloading your freight can leave you with broken items or understaffed due to injuries. In some cases the environment is not ideal for unloading the size of shipment you are expecting so here are some tips to help you dealing with those uncomfortable circumstances.

Safety Equipment

When it comes to unloading, in any situation, every worker should be wearing the appropriate safety equipment:

  • Reflective Safety Vest – In a busy yard where workers are constantly on the move and vehicles are entering and exiting frequently, a reflective safety vest can make workers visible and prevent any collisions.
  • Safety Glasses – Depending on the material being handled, workers may need to wear safety glasses to prevent any contact with their eyes that can cause irritation or damage.
  • Hardhat – If there is a chance that workers are at risk of items falling on them they should be equipped with a hardhat to prevent any head injuries.
  • Steel-Toed Boots – While lifting and putting down packages there is always a chance to drop something or have something dropped on your feet. Steel-toed boots are an easy way to protect your toes from possible injury.

Work As A Team

If there isn’t substantial infrastructure to help with the unloading process you need to use what you have access to. Setup a production line to pass items along; with workers in the truck passing down to the ground and others in charge of placing the packages in storage appropriately, passing it to be placed, this can prevent any mix-ups or potential injuries.

Avoid The Problem

If you know what your next delivery looks like it can help you to prepare, either through effective staffing efforts or securing the needed equipment. An undermanned team is vulnerable to injuries as they have more jobs to perform, more trips to make, and heavier loads to carry. Plan efficiently to have the right amount of people for each delivery. You can also plan to have the right equipment to help your team deal with the shipment properly. This could mean either a forklift or a portable ramp. A portable loading ramp, like a Dura-Ramp, can serve as a loading dock or perfect route for foot and forklift traffic.

Effective shipping begins with loading and ends with unloading. Be safe with your deliveries by being prepared and equipped. To get started with your next shipment or delivery contact us at 1-604-757-2441 or request a free quote.