How Pallet Pricing Can Simplify Your Costing

Shipping PalletsThere are many different ways that freight prices are estimated and arrived at. With millions of different products coming in all different shapes and sizes, putting everything into one standardized size helps bring everyone onto the same page. This is why pallets have become such a popular option. Not only do they help in the process of shipping but can also help reduce your bottom line.

How Pallet Pricing Works

You are probably familiar with what a pallet is. A standard pallet’s dimensions are 40″ by 48″. Pallets have been used for years in the shipping and freight industry because they are easy to stack and transport with a forklift. With the right arrangement and organization, any product can fit onto a pallet and be packaged safely. Once you have packaged your product onto a pallet you can determine the maximum number of products you can fit on a pallet as well as the total weight per pallet. You can now take this measurement and determine how many pallets you need for the units you are shipping

How Does This Help You

With pallets being used across the globe, you can receive a price per pallet. Rather than struggling to explain your shipment size and get a different estimate from each company that may or may not be accurate, you can simply state that you have 26 pallets that weigh 1650 lbs each. This helps everyone involved to better predict the shipment and what is required to get it from A to B. Once you have a pallet price you can compare the quotes you receive and choose the most economical pricing scheme for your business. Moving forward you can also better predict your shipping costs when speaking to customers when you understand how many pallets will be needed for the number of units being sent out.

Pallets are so common that distributors all over the world can instantly get on the same page when referring to loads in number of pallets. To help you manage your shipping costs better use pallets and it will allow you to predict more accurate shipping costs and quantities, and improve the efficiency of the entire shipping process. If you require a quote for your shipment or more information about pallet pricing call us at 1-604-757-2441.