Freight Shipping Tips: How to Package Your Freight

Knowing how to package your freight is important, not only for the safety of the contents but to ensure you are accurately billed and all your packages are delivered together. Also, if the contents are not properly packaged, you hold the risk that your freight shipment may be refused or damaged by the carrier. At Moto Transportation, we want to help ensure the safety of your freight. That is why we have put together some simple freight shipping tips.

Freight Shipping Packing Tips

You can box your loose items individually, but shipping companies prefer you to palletize or crate your shipment to bring all of your loose items into one shipment. Palletizing and crating takes a bit more attention and effort than boxing; however, it is highly recommended for any shipment over 200 lbs and it the most secure way to transport your shipment. Follow these steps to properly package your freight and ensure your content’s safety:

Select a heat treated  (IPPC)l (ISPM 15) Pallet

The pallet must be large enough that the contents do not overhang, but that each package can be tightly packed together without movement. See for more information.

Stack Boxes

Stack and align boxes in columns, corner to corner to provide strength and prevent movement.

Secure Freight

Using cardboard corners, strapping, or banding, secure your freight to the pallet. Tightly stretch multiple layers of shrink-wrap around the freight shipment contents as one unit to prevent movement or wobbling of the boxes.


Include a highly visible shipping label on each side of the pallet to ensure the best visibility and include the number of boxes in the pallet just in case they were to be separated.

A professional should oversee the process of palletizing or crating of goods for freight in order to provide top safety and security for your shipment. If you would like to learn more freight shipping tips on how to package your freight, or if you are interested in one of our freight shipping services, contact Moto Transportation at1-604-757-2441.