Improving Your Cross-Border Shipping

In the past, we’ve outlined a few different tips for helping you improve your cross border shipping experience (see this article). Because of the importance of cross border shipping, the increasing popularity of this particular freight service, and especially in light of recent fluctuations in foreign exchange rates that impact the import and export of goods, we want to continue to help make your shipping experience better. Here are a few more tips to help you prepare for your next shipment.

Have an Available Contact at All Times

Questions can arise at any time during a visit to the border. Even if you have all the documentation prepared and the driver is informed, they can’t always knowledgeably answer every question. It is best that there is a contact on call 24/7 that can answer questions about the shipment, either the warehouse manager or an office member that understands the transaction in thorough detail. This way if any issue or question arises, it can be dealt with quickly and efficiently.

Plan Ahead

To get your delivery across the border as fast as possible, it’s best to plan when the ideal time to cross would be. Simple things such as long weekends and holidays can cause a headache when a delivery is already rushed. U.S. and Canadian holidays can differ, so plan to avoid those busy times to expedite your delivery and avoid a potentially stressful situation.

Consult with an Expert

In our previous article, we listed documents that are important to have on hand when crossing the border. It is vitally important that these are filled out correctly, so if you have any questions about any forms it is a good idea to consult with an expert instead of guessing. Have somebody on hand that has done border shipping numerous times and fully understand the laws and regulations to help fill out the forms with you.

At Moto Transportation, we specialize in cross border shipping. We know what is needed to get your shipment across the border as smoothly as possible. To get started with your next shipment, request a free quote or contact us at 1-604-757-2441 for more information or if you have any questions.