Less-than-truckload Shipping in Western Canada

When used properly, businesses can significantly improve their bottom line with less-than-truckload (LTL) shipping. As one of the leaders in freight transportation across North America, Moto Transportation has the resources, equipment and experience to handle any type of less-than-truckload shipping in Western Canada. LTL shipping is a flexible, cost-effective method of shipping with many great benefits. Learn more about how less-than-truckload shipping in Western Canada can work for your business.

What is less-than-truckload shipping and when should it be used?

LTL shipping is used for shipping smaller amounts of freight that do not require a truck’s full capacity. Renting out an entire truck to transport a smaller amount of goods is not a cost-effective shipping method. One of the most important rules in shipping is the maximization of space. By using LTL shipping, businesses are only paying for the space that is being used. Moto Transportation offers both full truckload and LTL shipping in Western Canada.

What are the advantages of less-than-truckload shipping?

The main advantage of using LTL shipping for smaller goods is the cost savings. LTL also provides businesses with flexibility since most carriers will allow multiple shipments to be consolidated together into one load. Another advantage of LTL shipping is speed. When compared to full truckload shipping, there are less complexities involved in LTL. This helps to significantly speed up the delivery process.

Why should you choose Moto Transportation for less-than-truckload shipping in Western Canada?

If your business does any type of freight transportation or shipping in Western Canada, Moto Transportation can help. Customers continue to trust Moto Transportation for less-than-truckload shipping in Western Canada because of our competitive pricing, reliability and customer service.

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