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No Contact Shipping Procedures

Are you shipping in a contactless world?
Here are some best practices to add to your PPE company guidelines.

Physical Distancing Tips For Shippers:

  • Fill out multiple copies of your bill of lading prior so multiple people don’t have to touch the same document.
  • Pre-sign the shipper portion of both bills of lading.
  • Upon pick up: identify the trucking company is correct and ask the driver for their first and last name. Write the drivers name in the carrier portion of YOUR bill of lading and give the driver their copy so they can do the same.
  • Make sure you and the driver agree to anything special upon pick up and that both BOLs have the same notes.

Physical Distancing Tips For Consignees:

  • Give the truck driver your first and last name so they can print it for you in the consignee area of the delivery receipt or bill of lading.
  • If you need a physical delivery receipt, use an internal document and record the trucking company, driver’s first and last name, and the in and out times.
  • If there are discrepancies please note them clearly on your internal document. Also, have the driver do the same on their copy and take pictures of any issues with the freight. Send all backup and details to your carrier as soon as possible.
  • Unfortunately, signed paperwork holds a lot of value in the shipping world. It is considered proof of any extra charges, shortages and damages so its best to find a way to complete this paperwork without putting yourself at risk rather than not filling it out at all.

Keep in mind, drivers don’t always have access to washrooms and if they need to use yours, please ask them to follow your COVID-19 procedure rather than turning them away.

We hope this helps provide some clarity on ways you can ship in the contactless world.

Moto is a paper-free company: we dispatch, track and rate everything through our online portal. All our documents are kept on a cloud-based system. You can access all your shipping documents through your 24/7 online portal. Let us know if you need help getting set up with access to your personal portal by emailing: or calling: 604.757.2441.