Oversized and Wide Load Shipping

Getting a piece of equipment, machinery, or structural component across the country can be a difficult task if not planned out correctly. There are many factors into taking on a job like this, so having a plan will help it go as best as possible. Here are some things you may need to consider before shipping an oversized or wide load.

Shipping Items

First take a look at what you need to ship. This could be anything from a piece of construction equipment, a moveable home, or even a part of a pipeline. The piece should be properly secured to the flat deck truck, as you want as little movement as possible during shipment. You will also need flags on overhanging areas to maximize the visibility for other drivers on the road. This will keep everyone on the road safe and your items undamaged.

Legal Regulations

Regulations for oversized and overweight loads can differ in each province and state. Usually it is the province or state that designates the permits and limitations of vehicle loads. So before you get your shipment underway, you must ensure that you have the appropriate permits for your load and you are aware of the laws for the states and provinces you will cross. In some cases, you may require one or two pilot vehicles to help control traffic flows around the shipment.

Load Dimensions

An important list to have prepared is the dimensions of the object and the truck. The height can determine your limitations for underpasses and the width will also limit which roads you can use. In order to avoid any damage to roadways it is vitally important that you know where you can travel and what you can access.

Travel Routes

Once you know your dimensions and limitation you can plan out your travel route. To prevent any hold ups and problems, layout your path of travel. You don’t want to end up in front of an overpass that you cannot go under. Mistakes like these can add hours onto travel and cause headaches for everyone.

At Moto Transportation we understand the logistics of wide load and oversized hauling. We can help take care of the details for your upcoming shipment and ensure that the job will go as smoothly as possible. To get started request a free quote or contact Moto Transportation at 1-604-757-2441 for more information.