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How You Can Cut Shipping Costs From Texas To California

Shipping from Texas to California is a challenge for many individuals and businesses. Sometimes the challenge is finding an affordable shipping service, but more often it's finding a reliable one that doesn't break the bank. And of course, there's always the question of whether you should choose air or ground transport.

These are questions that we're here to answer for you! So read on for helpful tips about how to cut costs and manage your shipping needs from Texas to California.

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The Cost of Shipping Between Texas and California

The cost of shipping between two states is determined by a number of factors, including the weight and size of the item, the distance it has to travel and how quickly you need it. The cost can be calculated as a flat rate or per mile.

And when it comes to two massive trade centers like Texas and California, it’s important to know the cost of shipping between them as you’re sure to encounter this route no matter where and what kind of business you’re in.

How Shipping Costs Are Calculated

Before going into too much detail about what makes up these prices and where they come from – let's take a step back for a moment here – what does it mean when we say "freight shipping"? In general terms, it means moving goods from one place to another via land or air transportation means (like a truck or plane). This is slightly different from something like consumer postal shipping.

With that in mind, if you are shipping freight from Texas to California, how much it costs can really depend on what exactly that specific freight is, and what your needs are.

The cost of shipping between Texas and California is typically influenced by a number of other factors that include:

  • Delivery date and speed
  • Distance travelled
  • Mode used (truckload vs. air freight)
  • Extras such as loading or unloading

Think of it like this – if you need a heavy, bulky item shipped ASAP, and need extra handling on each end, it can be more expensive than say, a few pallets getting shipped via LTL freight. It is really all about what you need for each shipment, and how you plan around those needs to avoid costly mistakes (more on that later).

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How to Use a Shipping Calculator

If you need to ship something from Texas to California, using an online freight calculator can be helpful in determining how much your shipment will cost because there are so many variables that affect the price of each route.

A freight shipping calculator is a tool used by freight shipping companies to determine the cost of shipping. Typically, you will need to enter a few particulars about your shipment.

Information about your shipment can include:

  • Shipping origin and destination
  • Residential or business
  • Packed freight dimensions and weight
  • Any extra services that are needed

In order to get a rough estimate of how much it will cost. If you are looking at LTL shipments (less than truckload), it is helpful to calculate freight class before requesting quotes from carriers as this will help them provide you with more accurate information about pricing based on their specific equipment availability and other factors impacting their prices.

Freight class is the calculation of how much space your freight takes up in relation to its weight, or the density of the item, among other factors. Other factors impacting freight class include stowability, handling, and liability.

The table below outlines these factors that account for freight class and shipping from California to Texas prices.

Factors Affecting Freight Class



An indication of how much weight something occupies per cubic foot or how much space it occupies compared to its weight. The higher the density, the more compact and easier it is to ship the item, making it less expensive to ship.


Stowability refers to how easily a commodity can be loaded and unloaded, as well as how easy it is to package with other items. When cargo is less stowable it makes it more expensive to send and requires a higher freight class.


Handling refers to how much attention must be paid to your shipment. Cargo that is fragile or hazardous may require additional handling and time, and the more complicated it is to handle, the more it will cost you.


Liability refers to the risk of theft, damage to freight, or damage to objects in the LTL shipment you take on when you transport certain items. Greater liability will lead to higher costs.

Once you know the freight class, as well as other particulars about the shipment, you can get in touch with your carrier and request a detailed quote.

Remember online shipping calculators may seem handy, but not all are accurate. Always defer to your transportation provider for the most accurate freight quotes


How Long Does It Take to Ship From California to Texas?


If you’re shipping from Texas to California or shipping from California to Texas, you may be wondering how long it will take your package to arrive.


Here are some things to consider:

  • The distance between the two states varies widely, ranging from a mere 1200 miles (1,192 km) in the northwest corner of Texas to more than 2,000 miles (3,219 km) in southern or eastern regions.
  • The terrain varies from desert to forest but most are fairly flat and make trucking easy. You can expect that this added time will be offset by shorter transit times within cities and towns due to traffic flow and congestion on major highways like Interstate 10 and US Route 90 which connect most major cities in both states.
  • Weather conditions might also slow down your delivery. Particularly in California, there can be serious seasonal weather, causing wildfires and floods that leave certain areas of the state impassable or longer to travel.
  • Depending on the type of service you choose, such as LTL, it can take longer for the freight to arrive. A typical LTL delivery from Texas to California could take 4 to 6 days, or longer.
  • Choosing a reliable carrier like Moto is a way to avoid painful logistics headaches, broken freight, and late arrivals. We have a 98% on-time performance rating, and a 0.01% damage rating, so you know it’s not going to be a bunch of empty promises when you choose Moto.


4 Tips to Save Money on Shipping to Texas From California


Freight shipping is a major expense for businesses that send large shipments. The cost of transportation makes up a significant portion of the total cost of getting goods to your customers or clients. Since you need to ship your items regardless, it’s important that you find the cheapest way possible to get them from Texas to California.


There are several different ways to save money on freight shipments, including:

  • Consider LTL and other options to save money
  • Find a carrier with a strong network and adequate resources
  • Book early and schedule appropriately
  • Quote right to avoid surprise charges

Let’s get into these money-saving tips!


Consider LTL and Other Options to Save Money


A full truckload shipment (FTL) is the largest, most expensive type of freight shipment. It includes all your cargo in one large vehicle and is often used for long-distance transport. It’s a direct and speedy way to ship to Texas from California.

That comes with a price, however. FTL shipments are more expensive than other types of shipments.

A less-than-truckload (LTL) shipment, on the other hand, can be a good option if you need to move smaller quantities of goods or are shipping them with less of a tight deadline. With LTL services, your items will be placed on a truck with other freight and delivered to their final destination over a period of several days.

This type of service may cost less than truckload deliveries because you are sharing space on a truck, kind of like sharing space on public transportation, but it does take longer, so keep that in mind when booking LTL vs FTL service.


Find a Carrier With a Strong Network and Adequate Resources

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You should also look for a carrier with a strong network, as this will ensure that they have adequate resources to provide you with competitive rates. A carrier’s network helps them provide the best service possible because they have access to all kinds of transportation options along their routes, including railroads and trucking companies.

In addition to providing more options for your freight shipping needs, having a strong network can help you save money on transportation costs since it means that there’s less distance between your shipper and receiver locations.

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Moto’s Service Map

A good way to find out how well-connected a company is is by reading reviews from customers who have used their services before or asking friends who have used them before what their experience was like when using the company's services. If you see positive reviews about them then it's likely that they're doing something right! Also, ask about their routes and whether there are any restrictions on where you can send items through this mode so that there aren't any surprises later down the line when trying something new out.


Book Early and Schedule Appropriately


When considering shipping to Texas from California, you’re going to want to remember that booking early and scheduling appropriately can avoid headaches and extra costs.

Here are a few things to remember when you’re booking a shipping from California to Texas:

  • Book early. It's that simple! The best rates are available when you book early, so if your schedule doesn't allow for this, try to make it work.
  • Schedule appropriately. Avoiding last-minute changes to your shipment is essential for saving money on freight shipping expenses and keeping them at a minimum. If you don’t have time and need to move quickly, look into overnight deliveries or expedited trucking options. Beware that it will cost you more to send expedited freight.
  • Book the right equipment. Ask questions about the equipment being used on your shipment before booking. This way you can avoid overpaying for the wrong equipment and potentially find a better deal for the most appropriate equipment


Quote Right to Avoid Surprise Charges


One of the most important things you can do to avoid surprise charges is to request a quote. A lot of people are afraid to ask for a quote because they don’t think it’s going to be easy. But that couldn’t be further from the truth! In fact, requesting quotes is one of the easiest ways you can save money on your next freight shipment.

You just have to know how to do it right!

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When requesting quotes, make sure you ask for as many details as possible about the pricing and services offered by each company so that you know exactly what kind of service will be provided at what price before signing anything. Don't be afraid if companies don't give an exact price right away – it's not uncommon for businesses in this industry because they need more information first (such as how much space there'll be inside containers or trucks). Just make sure everyone understands what's going on and where each party stands before proceeding with any contracts or commitments.




Let’s break down a few common questions about shipping from California to Texas so you can be sure to have the answers you need to get your freight shipped properly.


Are There Taxes When I Ship to Texas?


Yes, there is a chance you will have to pay taxes when you ship to Texas. It largely depends on what you are shipping and how your business is set up. In general, delivery and shipping charges connected with taxable items or services sold are taxable in Texas.

However, separately stated delivery charges by a third-party shipper are also exempt when provided at the customer’s request.

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Are There Taxes When I Ship to California?


The answer is yes, but not always. Charges for delivery, shipping, and handling may be subject to California sales tax. If a business charges a shipping fee, which may not be taxable, it should be called shipping, delivery, freight, or postage. A business that charges for handling, which is taxable, must be sure to add it to the invoice.


How Much is Car Shipping Cost from California to Texas?


Costs for shipping your vehicle from California to Texas can vary depending on distance, pickup and delivery dates and the method used.

The table below shows how much car shipping costs from California to Texas can be affected by various factors.


Factors Affecting Shipping From Texas to California Cost

How it Impacts Costs

Distance Travelled

Costs increase the farther you need your car to be transported. In part, this is due to fuel consumption and mileage. Take into consideration whether you are shipping from Los Angeles to Houston, or from other points in California and Texas when considering the costs.


Shipping quotes are influenced by the type and condition of your vehicle. For instance, transporting a sedan across the country will cost less than transporting an SUV, truck, or van.

Pick-up and Delivery

When it comes to pickup and delivery dates, the more flexible you are, the less you will have to pay. Price and time windows for various service levels are often available to meet your budget and schedule.

Method Used

There are several ways in which you can have your vehicle transported. Some carriers offer open transport or enclosed transport, and the cost may be impacted by the type of transport options you choose.




The best way to figure out how much it’s going to cost to ship from California to Texas and vice versa is to contact your shipping provider. When you work with a provider like Moto, it's a quick and easy process to find out how much it will cost you for your shipment. We'll take into account all the factors that affect the price of your shipments such as size and distance travelled, and help you get the best service for your needs.

Contact us to find out how to get shipping from Texas to California started, and get more tips for getting ship done on our blog.