Trucking Tips When Shipping to Northern BC & Alberta

Shipping through Northern BC and Alberta are becoming increasingly popular freight routes. With the booming oil fields and more recently, the Northern Gateway project, it’s more important now than ever that freight shipments are reaching these destinations on time and as requested. If you need to ship freight to Northern BC or Alberta, we have you covered, but here are some tips to help you prepare.

Package Appropriately

As most of us are aware, Northern BC and Alberta can be host very harsh weather. Regardless of whether it is winter or summer, make sure that your shipment is packaged properly to avoid any headaches because of a ruined delivery.

  • Secure the load – Winding through the mountains can be dangerous. It is important that your load is secured properly so you do not lose anything en route. If you shipping pipeline parts on the back of a flat bed truck, take extra precautions.
  • Heated shipping – When it comes to winter shipping, a dry van is a must. For products that could be damaged in the cold and shouldn’t be frozen, it is best to have a heated, insulated trailer. Alcohol products, canned beverages, and perishable foods could be ruined if they are allowed to freeze.

Plan In Advance

The harsh winters can be cause for many delays. Highways are shut down frequently in the winter months due to snow and weather conditions. This can leave you significantly behind schedule. We recommend that if you are planning a shipment in the winter, you send it out well in advance. Your shipment may take much longer than average to get to its destination with road closures and rerouting. Even though the cold weather is months away, the mountains can still provide a number of delays such as rockslides. The conditions in Northern BC and Alberta are unique and require an equally unique approach. So make sure your bases are covered before you send out your freight shipment.

Moto Transportation prides itself on reliable service, in any climate. We want to make sure that your shipment arrives in the same condition that it left in. If you are thinking of shipping to Northern BC or Alberta contact us 1-604-757-2441 or request a free quote and we can help you get started.