Shipping To Or From Asia

International Freight ShipmentShipping freight to and from Asia is becoming more and more common. Business deals have shifted focus to the east as a hub for manufacturing. To keep business operations running smoothly, you want ensure that your critical shipments are arriving promptly and in one piece. Before planning to receive or send a shipment, here are some key things to have prepared and reviewed:

Bill of Lading

As we have mentioned in past articles, the bill of lading is a critical document in the shipping process. The BOL will outline important information such as the carrier, the method of transportation, and the items being shipped. At a glance you have all the information you will need in the event that there is a problem or any questions. You can be sure you received all your items or all the items you shipped were arrived successfully.

Laws and Regulations

Just the same as crossing the border, there are many questions to be asked. Every government has its own laws that need to be adhered by. To prevent any unnecessary stops in shipping, check that the items you are sending are legally allowed to pass through each border.

Properly Package

The distance between North America and Asia is vast, which can be a cause for a lot of turbulence during transport. Take the time to secure and wrap all items to avoid potential damage. Also, clearly label each package so it is clear what everything contains. Transparency is key to ensuring smooth passage through all customs.

Customs Forms

At times, you will be required to fill out different customs forms for your shipment to pass into another country. While researching each countries’ laws and regulations, start filling out the forms you will require. Keep a copy of each on hand and send your freight off with the right paperwork. You know better than anyone else what is on board and if the forms are ready to go, this will expedite the shipping time.

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