The Benefits of Using Flat Decks with Side Kits

In the past we have reviewed the differences between flat decks and dry vans, but there is one additional advantage that flat decks and flat beds have over dry vans – their flexibility. By adding a side kit to a flat deck, a number of benefits of a walled dry van are instantly added. Side kits allow us to ship our freight faster by being more dynamic with our equipment and shipping network.

Flat Deck Shipping with Sidekit

Protection & Coverage

When transporting freight across Canada and the U.S. you can face many different elements and weather conditions. Dry vans usually prevail in these conditions because of their enclosed container that can defend from wind, rain, and debris. But with a side kit addition on a flat bed this similar protection can be added to a flat deck. Side kits are added around the perimeter of the flat deck through poles, stakes and panels. These create walls that protect the freight escaping on all sides. Once the walls have been put up a tarp or netting can be added to the top to ensure freight does not escape.  With the tarp covering the top the freight now has 360 degrees of  security and protection.

Easy to Apply

Side Kits are designed to be installed in under an hour and half that time to remove. Our sided trailers have walls four feet in height and completely enclose the the perimeter of the flat deck when installed.

Benefits of a Flat Deck Sided Trailer

A side kit still allows the flat deck to be loaded and unloaded with a crane, grapple and excavator from the top, a very useful advantage. Once the tarp or netting is removed the freight is easily accessible. With these additional benefits of the side kit a flat deck quickly becomes dynamic, allowing it to carry many different types of loads. This makes shipping logistic significantly smoother and faster. If there is a sensitive load that needs to be transported, a flat deck can be quickly converted to deliver the load safely.

Flat Bed Shipping with SidekitTypes of Freight Transported

We typically transport Scrap Metal, Prepared Metal, Used Machinery, Recycled Auto Parts, Non Ferrous Metal, Light Tin, Nursery Stock, Pipe, Firewood, Wire, Cable and Crushed Cars in our side kit trailers.

At Moto Transportation we understand shipping all the logistics that go into delivering your freight across North America. Our knowledge allows us to quickly estimate and manage loads for tight delivery deadlines. Side kits are just one of the ways that we can make our available equipment move your freight quickly. Contact us at1-604-757-2441 or request a quote online and find out how we can make your shipping easy.