The Customs Self Assessment Program

Canadian importers are always looking for new ways to improve logistical capabilities and expedite shipping processes. The Customs Self Assessment Program (CSA Transportation) was developed as a way to accelerate the processing of low-risk imports entering Canada for approved carriers and drivers. The Customs Self Assessment Program benefits both importing companies and the Canadian Border Services Agency.

Through the program, importers are able to greatly reduce their shipping fees and administration costs. According to the Government of Canada website, the program allows the border services agency to allocate more time towards high-risk carriers and shipments. To help customers obtain a better understanding of the program and its benefits, Moto Transportation answers some of the more commonly asked questions below.

What is the Customs Self Assessment Program?

According to the Government of Canada website, the Customs Self Assessment Program allows CSA transportation carriers to significantly reduce the amount of time spent at the border for shipment processing. The program is only available to approved CSA transportation low-risk carriers that have their own dispatch system in place. The program eliminates the need for redundant transactions and documentation processing in order to create more efficient, streamlined importing procedures.

What are the benefits?

Both the Canadian Border Services Agency and CSA transportation carriers can benefit from the Customs Self Assessment Program. The improved shipment processing benefits the border agency by allowing it to spend less time processing low-risk carriers and more time inspecting high-risk shipments. With less transactions and time spent at the border, CSA-approved carriers are able to save big on customs fees and transactional costs.

How to become a CSA-approved carrier?

In order for importers to become CSA transportation approved, they must meet a variety of different criteria and complete a two-part application process. With regards to eligibility, carriers must be residents of either Canada or the United States and carry a clean shipping record void of any infractions. For a complete list of eligible requirements or to begin the application process for CSA-approval, please visit the website.

CSA Transportation with Moto Transportation

Moto Transporation works with various CSA transportation approved carriers to ensure that its clients are able to take advantage of reduced shipping fees, lower border processing costs and expedited shipping times.

If you would like to learn more about the Customs Self Assessment Program and how to take advantage of CSA transportation, please contact Moto Transportation at 1-800-400-1681. At Moto Transportation we offer various freight services including dry van trucking, flat deck trucking, scrap metal trucking and automobile transportation throughout North America. To request a free quote, please fill out a form on our website.