Tips For Overseas Shipping

Shipping PortThe logistics of overseas shipping can be complex and overwhelming. If you need to get something over the water, it’s best to make sure you’ve done your part to ensure it will arrive safely. Here are some things to remember when shipping overseas.

Know the destination country’s regulations

Every country has its own regulations and laws. Some countries can have bans on importing the simplest items. Speak to your contact or receiver to confirm they are aware of what they will be receiving and if it is allowed. The last thing you want is for your shipment to be stopped when it arrives at its destination.

Take care in packaging

To get a package overseas, it can go through a number of different customs and handlers so have all your pieces packaged securely. Use bubble-wrap or styrofoam to secure any items that may become damaged during shipping. If you are shipping liquids or an item that can spill, ensure that all lids and caps are securely fastened before they’re packed up.

Label all items

Your items are traveling a far distance so you’ll want to be confident that they will arrive to their destination. Label each of your items before sending them out the door. It is important to have the following information on each package:

  • Origin and destination addresses
  • Detailed description of the contents
  • Weight of the item (in kilograms and pounds)
  • Caution markings (this side up, fragile, no hooks)
  • Labels for hazardous material

This information will help your shipment continue through customs and prevent any unnecessary delays.

Fill out a bill of lading

The bill of lading will help you, the shipper, and the receiver have documentation for your shipment. It will contain the shipper’s and the receiver’s information, as well as description of the items being sent. Having this filled out is important in the event of a mistake or a missing item, you will have an official record to refer to.

Being prepared and informed about your overseas shipment will keep you safe. If you are planning to send a shipment overseas take a look at our easy shipping solutions or request a free quote. If you have anymore questions about overseas shipping contact Moto Transportation at 1-604-757-2441.