Tracking Your Freight Shipment

When it comes to freight shipping and receiving, one of the most important variables when selecting an appropriate transportation partner is the reliability of the partner’s tracking systems. Ensuring that all of your products reach their destination on schedule is important; however, unforeseen circumstances can often hold up the transportation process and add an unpreventable delay to the estimated arrival time. The most effective method for dealing with these delays is clear and accurate communication between all parties involved. This communication will help clarify the situation and keep everyone up-to-date on the estimated arrival time. Here are three reasons why it’s so imperative to select a transportation partner with effective shipment tracking systems:


Whether you’re using dry van trucking, flat deck trucking or automobile transportation, it’s critical that both you and the receiving party have access to accurate, up-to-date information on the shipment’s whereabouts at all times. This ensures that all parties are kept up-to-date with any unforeseen circumstances that may prevent the original estimated arrival time from being met. When tracking your shipment, it’s all about the details. Tracking information needs to be kept specific and precise. Moto Transportation provides customers with real-time tracking information sent directly to their inbox.

Customer Experience

When freight shipping to your customers, one of the most important considerations is communication. Your customers have expectations with regards to freight shipment timelines and often want to be kept up-to-date with real-time information and updates. Partnering with a reliable transportation company that can provide real-time tracking updates to you and your customers is important. If customers have up-to-date arrival information, there will be a reduction in unnecessary calls to your logistics department and less conflict.

Business Reputation

It’s important that your business maintains a positive reputation built on reliability and trust. This will help your company gain repeatable business and build meaningful, long-lasting relationships with customers. Although you can’t always prevent shipping delays, you can keep your customers satisfied through accurate communication. This communication begins and ends with real-time updates on shipments. For the most part, your customers will be understanding of unforeseen delays as long as their kept in the loop.

For the most reliable online tracking system for all of your shipping needs, the shipping experts at Moto Transportation are here to help! For more information on tracking your freight shipping, please contact us today! Please visit our website if you’d like to request a free quote.