Trade Show Shipping Tips

Trade shows may only span a few days but can have a huge reach. Losing any part of your display can throw off your entire presentation. Here are some tips to ensure your will be prepared for your upcoming trade show.

Label everything

Any piece of your display or item that you are sending to the venue should be labelled. Put your company name, the booth number and the trade show name on all items and package them properly for a rough handling environment. On a busy loading dock or warehouse things can get messy. Labeled items will have a higher chance of being found and grouped together.

Fill out the bill of lading

Having this information filled out in full will help smooth the delivery process. If any information is missed it could cause delays in shipping. Make sure you have filled out the:

  • exhibitor name
  • show name
  • booth number
  • service contractor
  • number of pieces
  • weight of each piece and total weight
  • responsible party for freight charges,
  • target delivery date and time

Don’t ship at the last minute

Some trade shows will allow you to ship in advance. Find out from the exhibitor how much in advance you can ship and get your displays out the door as soon as possible. You won’t have any last minute worries and your items will be waiting for you when you arrive.

Have a contact

Make sure that you have a contact at the exhibit for any questions you may have. If you have any concerns or questions they will be able to clear it up and you can continue preparing your booth items.

Being prepared will help to get you off on the right foot. Reduce your stress by planning and preparing for your trade show. If you have a trade show coming up, start preparing early and request a free quote or contact Moto Transportation at 1-604-757-2441 if you have questions about your trade show shipment.