What is a Fuel Surcharge?

Understanding what a fuel surcharge is and how it can affect the cost of shipping your products will help you ensure that you have the right budget in mind for your freight shipping needs. At Moto Transportation, we want to ensure that your products reach their destination on time and on budget. That is why we avoid fluctuating our fuel prices for as long as possible in order to keep the costs consistent for our customers.

What is a Fuel Surcharge?

A fuel surcharge is an additional fee that trucking companies, freight forwarders, and other companies use to pass along the changing prices of fluctuating fuel costs. This fee is usually added to an invoice as a percentage of the base cost to cover the fluctuation, such as the fluctuation in diesel pricing in our case. 

Some companies say they do not have a fuel surcharge, but you can guarantee it is added to the base price for transport service. Trucking costs vary because of this, so always keep an eye on how often your freight carrier adjusts fuel and the bottom line. 

Fuel Surcharge Resources

Some of the highest fuel costs are in the state of California. Trucking companies are always looking out for the golden state’s fuel pricing. Here are some links that can help you monitor highway carrier fuel pricing:

Department of Energy:  https://www.eia.gov/petroleum/gasdiesel/

Historical Fuel Index:  https://fcafuel.org/historical-fuel-index/

If you would like to learn more about what a fuel surcharge is, or if you are interested in one of our freight shipping services, please feel to reach out to your Moto Transportation account manager for further information or by calling 1-604-757-2441.