What Step Deck Trailers Are Great For

We all know that when it comes to packaging something up, especially around this time of year, one size does not fit all. Trying to fit something long with a unique shape and jagged edges cannot be put into a square box. The same can be said when it comes to shipping and transportation. This is why there are so many different trucks on the road; flat bed, dry van, tandem trailer, tridem trailer and step deck. In particular, step deck trailers allow us to transport large equipment of many shapes and sizes with much more ease than traditional flat deck trailers.

Step Deck Transportation

Step deck trailers offer several advantages over standard flat bed trailers:

Height Permits – One big advantage is that you are able to transport higher loads without having to apply for additional permits. The design of step deck trailers allows large cargo to be placed lower down and avoid height restrictions. With a lower deck height of 41 inches you have many more options.

Easier for Forklifts Because step deck trailers are closer to the ground, it allows forklifts to load and unload easier and safer. Especially when it is a heavy weight, the forklift operator will not need to lift their forks as high to pick up the cargo and unload it making it a safer process for everyone on the job.

Equipment Diversity – The design allows larger cargo to be transported much easier. Construction equipment is one of the most common types of equipment to be hauled on a step deck. A tandem step deck trailer can usually haul up to 45,000lbs and a tridem 62,000lbs, allowing large pieces of machinery to be loaded on and positioned easily.

Arranging Step Deck Transportation

If you are interested in step deck transportation we can help out. When we put together a quote and explain the transportation details that will make sure that your shipment is matched up with the right transportation equipment. If your job will go best with a step deck trailer, we will arrange to use one so that everyone’s job is easier.

Contact Moto Transportation at 1-604-757-2441 or request a free quote and we will help with the logistics of the delivery. Let us take care of the details so you can take care of your business.