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What are Managed Transportation Services? 

Managed Transportation Services means you hire a company to handle all your logistics work. You don't need to do it internally. You get to see all the costs clearly, and you pay a fixed rate for all shipments. We take care of dealing with the shipper, carrier, consignee, and more, all based on your specific preferences and needs. It's like outsourcing your logistics for ease and transparency.

Here's a simplified breakdown:

1. Freight Management: We handle everything related to shipping your products, so you can focus on your core business.

2. Expert Strategies: Our team creates smart transportation plans, ensuring your goods reach their destination efficiently.

3. Smooth Communication: We make sure all departments involved in shipping are on the same page, reducing confusion.

4. Full Transparency: You'll know where your shipment is at all times, helping you control costs effectively.

5. Various Shipping Options: We offer different ways to ship your goods, whether it's FTL, LTL, domestic or international.

6. Benefits Galore: On average, our clients see a 50% return on investment (ROI). You save time, improve customer satisfaction with on-time deliveries, and negotiate less for better savings.

7. Skip HR Hassles: Instead of hiring and training in-house staff, we're ready to work for you from day one.

8. Access to Resources: We bring along our negotiation skills, vast networks, and the latest technology to ensure your shipping is a success.

In a nutshell, Managed Transportation Services make your shipping process smoother, cost-effective, and worry-free, letting you focus on growing your business.

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