Customer Success Story: Dura Ramp

Moto Transportation loves to cultivate relationships and help our customers accomplish their goals. We know that our services play an integral part of our clients’ operations. We are especially proud to assist one of our customers in particular, Dura Ramp.

Who is Dura Ramp?

Dura Ramp is a leading manufacturer or portable loading docks for the industrial market. They carry a number of different loading ramps making it easier to load and unload truck trailers. The quality and design of their ramps has led to a significant growth in business over the last few years. Dura Ramp sends their loading ramps all over North America with flat beds and step deck trailers.

What was the challenge?

With the growth in their business, the production facility was getting busier and busier. When a ramp was finished in production it needed to be shipped out as soon as possible. Dura Ramp needed to know when the delivery trucks would arrive so the finished ramps could be loaded and shipped or else there would be a bottleneck in production and delays to their clients.

How did Moto Transportation solve the problem?

With Moto’s automatic live tracking updates, Dura Ramp could better schedule their production for the arrival of delivery trucks and deliver better shipping estimates to their own clients. Because Dura Ramp could now receive updates on a daily basis for arrival times and delivery times of Moto’s trucks, the transportation arm of the business is now better integrated with the rest of the moving cogs.

The Results

“Having a trucking company with a high level of communication ends up saving us money in the end. Scheduling our production and warehouse staff is a full time job, we do not need any extra costs due to shipping delays.”

Dura Ramp’s products are in high demand and their clients are always excited to receive their new piece of equipment. The transparent communication with Moto has allowed Dura Ramp to deliver their product on time and damage free. If every component of a business’ operation is moving smoothly it creates efficiency in every division.

At Moto Transportation we understand the importance of our position in your businesses supply chain. We work our hardest to deliver the same transparency we have with Dura Ramp to each and every one of our clients. If you are ready to change the way your business interacts with its shipping company contact us at 1-604-757-2441.