A Green Achievement: 4,545 Trees Planted in a Day

In Canada's Saskatchewan Province, a young woman named Leslie Dart has captivated attention with a TikTok video showcasing her remarkable feat of planting 4,545 trees within a single day.

Despite her aerospace manufacturing career, Leslie isn't in forestry; she recently graduated from Durham College in Ontario. However, planting trees is a popular summer job for university students like her, despite the laborious routine it


For up to 15 hours each day, Leslie rhythmically engages in the task. She digs the earth with a spade, places a seedling, presses it down with her boot, and moves on. This requirement is mandated by provincial laws in connection with logging. Almost every tree harvested for Canada's timber industry is replanted by paid volunteers like Leslie, who earn between 17 and 44 cents per planted seedling. Over the last three summers, she has planted a remarkable 372,290 trees.

Her work isn't always on pristine grounds; she often plants in areas scorched by wildfires or humid, uneven forests filled with challenging vegetation and insects. Yet, she finds immense gratification in her efforts, making it a yearly commitment.

Tree planting, for Leslie, is a transformative experience. As Kenny Chaplin, a seasoned planter, stated, this endeavor instills qualities like responsibility and work ethics in young people. Other experienced planters like photographer and filmmaker Rita Leistner likened their tree planting experiences in Canada to their readiness for challenging situations, such as working in war zones.

The collective dedication of individuals like Leslie Dart and seasoned planters has contributed significantly to reforestation efforts. Western Canadian provinces have witnessed the replanting of 1.6 billion trees due to reforestation mandates after logging activities and forest fires.

This inspiring story showcases how one person's commitment can have a substantial impact on environmental restoration. Watch Leslie in action, nurturing a greener future through her dedicated tree planting efforts.

Watch her tiktok here: