Trucker Protests Against COVID Mandates Spread Across Canada

While most news outlets choose to not report on the rally, it is seeming to grow greater in size every week in Canada and around the world. Even though truckers are at forefront of this peaceful protest, farmers and regular Canadian citizens across the country have joined the movement in great numbers. Canadians are in the middle of winter and have endured long and harsh lockdowns in most of the country. Counter protests have sprung up as well increasing the division caused by government restrictions.

Every major city in Canada is seeing a portion of its citizens protesting against government mandates, all sparked by a few truckers. While the majority of large trucking companies and Canadian trucking alliances denounce the movement, they can not deny that government involvement in any industry is most unwelcome at a time when they are all struggling to find drivers and meet customer demands. The industry is somewhat proud of the attention it is getting but knows that these restrictions could be lifted as quickly as 48 hours if all the truckers decided to take a few days off at the same time. 

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