Trucking capacity eases but the price of Diesel keeps climbing

The cost of diesel continues to rise and it’s impacting everyone from truckers to consumers.
In recent weeks we have seen some normalization of trucks to loads, no longer in the capacity blood bath of Q1 2022.
As for diesel, there has been every excuse in the books as to why the prices are so high. Some trucking industry execs say that is only the beginning of the fuel increase, and not to be surprised to $8.00 US ($3.00 per liter) prices by the end of the year. Trucking companies are feeling the pinch as they try to hold rates for customers while keeping their trucks profitable. 
Consumers reeling from record-setting inflation will be settling in for the long haul as summer usually sees even more fuel price gouging as holiday drivers take to the roads. Until consumers take a stand, start carpooling and not using vehicles to reduce fuel consumption and increase reserves, expect our Oil Overlords to keep the prices high.