United States Semi Truck prices up 58% percent year over year

If you are in the market for a used semi-truck, let alone a new one, be prepared for some sticker shock. Even Semi Trailers are seeing unprecedented price increases for both new and used. 

With its April Market Trends Report, Ritchie Bros. continues to show year-over-year price inflation for all major equipment categories. This month's report includes an in-depth look at Q1 (Jan – Mar) sales, broken out by manufacturer. 

A quick look at U.S. construction categories and it's clear Ritchie Bros. sells more Caterpillar equipment than any other brand. In fact, when looking at excavator sales in the U.S., the company sold three times more Cat units (370+) than the next manufacturer, John Deere (130+). 

Regardless of sales channel, pricing has been strong throughout the first quarter of 2022, with truck tractor prices leading the way, up 58% in the United States and 50% in Canada. Overall, all price indexes are showing year-over-year price inflation, which means it's a great time to sell.